2018—Present  Heisykha, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine

An ongoing portrait of kinship, domesticity, and ecology, this body of work documents the daily life of a single family living off the land in a tiny agrarian village in rural Ukraine. In one hand, this work explores aspects of family and village life that are increasingly vulnerable to economic, socio-political, and environmental volatility. On the other, this unfolding story of one Ukrainian family shows us what’s possible when we meaningfully connect to the land that supports us—and, more saliently, what’s at stake when we don’t.

Herb garden. Heisykha, Ukraine. 2018

Dinner in the garden. Heisykha, Ukraine. 2018
Sophia in summer. Heisykha, Ukraine. 2018

Fallen fruits & chopping block. Heisykha, Ukraine. 2018
Halya & Serhii work together to rake hay for their pigs. Heisykha, Ukraine. 2018

Sophia and Halya explore the renovation to the village kindergarten during summer break. In the village, all maintenance and upkeep for the schools is funded and undertaken by the parents. Heisykha, Ukraine. 2018

Baba Tania’s sitting room, adorned with hand-embroidered pieces she has done over the last several decades. Heisykha, Ukraine. 2018

Sophia picks wild raspberries. Heisykha, Ukraine. 2019
Cooking pork over the fire. Heisykha, Ukraine. 2019

Halya & Sasha at a picnic held for uncle Vayna during The Day of Veterinary Medicine Workers—one of many holidays throughout the year honoring various professions. Heisykha, Ukraine. 2019

Sophia & Sasha doze in the back of the bus on a return trip to their village from Kyiv. 2019

Digging potatoes. Heisykha, Ukraine. 2019

Sophia & Sasha take a break from field work to explore one of several ponds in the village. Heisykha, Ukraine. 2019.

Ducks rush from their enclosures for dinner. Heisykha. Ukraine. 2019
Defeathering chickens. Heisykha, Ukraine. 2019.

Sasha waits for family dinner. Heisykha, Ukraine. 2019

A leader in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church holds a televised service on Christmas Day. January 7th, 2020

During a family gathering for the holidays, Titka Olya uses the last working landline phone in the village. Heisykha, Ukraine. 2020 

Halya, Head Teacher at the village middle and high school, reviews paperwork in her chemistry classroom. 

Family members embrace at the village bus stop on Christmas Day, where Yulia will catch a ride back to her apartment in Kyiv. Though many young people would prefer to live in the village after completing their schooling, many are forced to move to urban areas for work. Heisykha, Ukraine. January 7, 2020. 

Pathways left to navigate the village between family farm plots. Heisykha, Ukraine. January 14, 2020

Serhii grills pork over the fire as Vasya warms himself underneath. Heisykha, Ukraine. 2020

Christmas dinner. Heisykha, Ukraine. 2020

Baba Nadia looks on in her entry room as family members put on their winter clothes and depart after Christmas Dinner.  Heisykha, Ukraine. January 7, 2020