© Jake Eshelman

I make images to explore the complex relationships between human and other-than-human beings. Whereas some cultures celebrate connection, many perpetuate a false sense of estrangement between people and the ‘natural’ world. Through a documentary and intuitive photographic practice, my work investigates the influences and limitations of anthropocentric worldviews in order to acknowledge our shared responsibility to respect all experience.

Assignments & commissions
Complementing my long-term, self-directed projects, I’m also available internationally for relevant assignments and commissions. For ideas and inquiries, please get in touch.

I’ve always longed to live where nymphs inhabit the trees and people didn’t dare venture into the dark parts of the forest. Things there are real in ways we cannot imagine, only experience. So for now, I make do—and am my best when I can feel the dew on my feet and see the stars at night.

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