© Jake Eshelman

An interdisciplinary thinker and documentary photographer exploring the power and possibility of stories. 

Stories seem simple enough, but in reality, they carry extremely complex and profound implications. Stories are the backbone of culture, and culture shapes our lives in subtle, yet significant ways.

Who gets to tell a story—and who’s expected to listen? What are the morals or messages within a given narrative—and who decides what takeaways are appropriate? Who owns a story? Or does anyone?

There’s a wealth of inquiry and possibility within any narrative, whether it’s an image, a headline, a news segment, ad infinitum. The mythologies we choose to perpetuate, and how we do so, massively impact how we view and understand our experiences. Through my work, I want to unpack the ideas, implications, and opportunities carried by the stories we share—or better yet, by those that we don’t.

My availability fluctuates, but I’m always eager and excited to discuss what we can accomplish together. Get in touch.
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