© Jake Eshelman

Wells Fargo Financial Advisors

brand mission & recruitment video

In order to help people succeed financially, Wells Fargo partners with a network of independent financial advisors to help their clients make informed decisions and reach their goals. Wanting to continue that work, the Wells Fargo Financial Advisors Network approached us to help articulate their mission and recruit new team members.

The client’s insights were rather emotional; many financial advisors begin their career altruistically, working to help people succeed. The work is fun, engaging, and meaningful, but the corporate career path can often grow into an obstacle. I wrote and directed this recruitment video (originally budgeted for live-action) to rekindle that vision and enthusiasm amongst independent financial advisors, offering Wells Fargo as a conduit to their rejuvenated sense of purpose and success.

Creative Direction Steve John 
Account Executives Kelly Guerra
Art Direction Tony McAley