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Opera Theatre of St. Louis

rebrand campaign

OTSL is a world-renowned opera company tucked away in a small, unassuming St. Louis suburb. For their 40th Anniversary, this one-of-a-kind company wanted to more clearly communicate their unique contribution to contemporary opera.

Brand identity & positioning refresh

OTSL embodies a confluence of complements, which brings together opera and community; performance and interaction; tradition and avant-garde. We designed a new visual identity to express this unique character, starting with a slanted logo treatment and updated color palette to illustrate the variety of different elements that converge at OSTL.

Responsive website

With only 987 seats, OTSL offers an incredibly intimate experience. In fact, 90% of these seats are closer to the stage than the first row at the Metropolitan Opera House in NYC. We created immersive digital experience to bring online visitors directly into the OTSL experience, with streamlined access to the company’s mission, productions, schedule, and tickets.

Production posters

We translated our new brand identity and positioning into cohesive production posters for the OTSL festival season.

A young girl bears a life of loss in this soul-crushing, early-American Oedipal drama.

King Richard the Lionheart
A king must weather tempest and tyrant to save his fiancée from the wrath of a rival empire.

La rondine
A sophisticated Parisian courtesan finds love with a boy from the countryside who knows nothing of her true identity.

The Barber of Seville
A whimsical production of the preeminent light-hearted romantic comedy.

Creative Direction Steve John & Andy Wise
Account Executives Natalie Slyman & Kelly Guerra
Art Direction Dan Rayfield, Jon Simons & Travis Brown