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Kegs with (Chicken) Legs

agency self-promotion

Every month, a different agency in St. Louis hosts Kegs with Legs—a traveling shit show of a party/networking event aimed at better connecting the creative community through good times and free beer.

As the fastest growing business in St. Louis, the timing couldn’t have been better for us to host. We had worked extremely hard to hire the perfect people to join our team while I was still at Paradowski, and this was an ideal opportunity to celebrate and promote our distinct agency culture alongside the city’s entire creative community.

A bit of background

We had established a solid agency reputation as saucy, eccentric art grads who were largely inspired by kitsch, trash, and bad food. As a concept-driven design team, we thought hard and partied harder, so it made perfect sense to celebrate around a centerpiece of cheap beer and fried chicken.


Event identity

As a hi-concept, lo-fi team with questionable taste, we expressed our culture through a cheeky, yet alarmingly authentic 8-bit visual identity and an irreverent tone of voice.

Impertinent invitations

We created custom printed invitations and hand-delivered them to every creative agency in St. Louis, while decked out in a creepy chicken suit for good measure. Filming the entire time, we then cut a quick promo video to generate fear, interest, and excitement about our event.

The chicken dance

We also created a gratuitous hour-long video of our team dancing (in varying degrees of success) with fried chicken and beer. To set the mood, we played the video on loop during the event. We also cut this video down into individual animated GIFs to post across social media and cherish forever.

Put a bird on it

We gave guests thematic buttons to help them think fondly about a night they probably wouldn’t remember.


I wouldn’t call it cuddly, but we had a great time spending the night with some new friends. Better yet, in the several weeks following our Clustercluck, we enjoyed a major influx of job applications from highly sought-after creatives in our market.
Graphic design Jon Simons
Chicken mascot Carrie Edmiston