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Jake Eshelman (b. 1989, USA) is a photographer exploring the complex relationships between people and other-than-human beings. He believes that humanity’s curious and self-imposed dissociation with the natural world provides a palpable backdrop in which we can more fully (re)consider our role in ecology. Through a documentary and intuitive photographic practice, his recent work investigates interspecies relationships in industry, agriculture and conservation, in order to question the tenets of anthropocentrism and the implications behind the Enlightenment rationalization of “nature.”

Eshelman’s work has been exhibited internationally and has been included in independently published photo books, collaborative artist books, and even a children’s book series published by Simon & Schuster encouraging aspiring creatives to pursue artistic careers. His work has been featured in a variety of publications including Trouvé Magazine, Texas Monthly, VSCO interviews, Lenscratch, and Then There Was Us, and he also lectures about the creative process.

Jake holds a BA from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX in Classical Literature, with a concentratio in hermeneutics and reception theory, as well a minor in Studio Art and Art History.

He is currently based in Houston, TX.

Assignments & commissions

Complementing his long-term and self-directed projects, he is also available internationally for relevant assignments and commissions. For ideas and inquiries, please get in touch.


He has always longed to live where nymphs inhabit the trees and people didn’t dare venture into the dark parts of the forest. Things there are real in ways we cannot imagine, only experience. So for now, he makes do—and is his best when he can feel the dew on his feet and see the stars at night.


Stay up to date with relevant updates regarding new work, exhibitions, and other developments. And don’t fret; we’re only talking a couple of pings per year, at most. I respect your privacy, and your sanity. 

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