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SLU Center for Supply Chain Management

capital campaign strategy & identity

As one of the premier programs in the country, the Center for Supply Chain Excellence (CSCE) at Saint Louis University was approaching some incredible milestones and opportunities. At a glance, 2018 marked the 20th anniversary for the Center for Supply Chain Excellence, the 50th teaching anniversary for the CSCE founder (Dr. Ik-Whan Kwon, PhD), and 200th anniversary for Saint Louis University as a whole.

Yet it was also a turning point. In addition to celebrating their past, the CSCE unveiled ambitious plans for the future—culminating in a $5 million capital campaign to support the center, create scholarships, and improve their program throughout the next 20 years.

Campaign strategy

Metrics aside, the immediate goal of the capital campaign was to help CSCE articulate why they are a valuable and visionary business institution, in order to generate financial contributions from donor organizations who are eager to support and align with the center.

I worked to help CSCE understand and effectively communicate their vision. Once established, we then leveraged CSCE’s important role within the positive opportunities SCM provies in an evolving market landscape, offering a time-sensitive sweet spot for potential donors to make a meaningful investment through the capital campaign.

Establishing their purpose

In order for CSCE to communicate their true value to students, stakeholders, and potential donors, I helped them articulate why they exist—not just what they do. This introspection then comprised the bulk of the content on a custom-built capital campaign microsite, supplemented by practical information regarding the fundraising gala and naming ceremony.

Campaign identity

Working with the creative team at Paradowski, we developed a thematic campaign identity rooted in the fundamental principle of supply chain management—namely a seamless flow of goods and services. Not wanting to break from their past, this idea of fluidity offered an ideal metaphor to embody CSCE’s evolution: a gradual becoming rather than a hard-cut transformation.

Visually, we expressed this identity through their microsite (mentioned above) and full suite of printed collateral among other pieces—most notably our thematic gala invitations, which were mailed to key stakeholders, donors, and guests.


In addition to garnering widespread interest and enthusiasm regarding the CSCE, our capital campaign surpassed the center’s fundraising goal to generate well over $5 million. looking forward, I’m optimistic that our collective investment in the CSCE will enable them to continue in their efforts to create a world where businesses operate more efficiently, transparently, and effectively.

Creative Direction Dan Rayfield
Graphic Design Terri Mitchell
Web design & development Paradowski